We believe that architecture and design must simply improve the quality of living.

We specialize in the field of architectural and interior design and consulting services; with 3D, rendering & interior installation services.

Who We Are

Founded not long ago, Studio ARCAI started with a wish & will to help make your dreams come true when it comes to designing your own space. We specialize in the field of architectural and interior design and consulting services. We feel blessed to have started this journey with a small but a great project, as important as a freelance painter’s atelier at Dhaka’s Bashundhara Residential Area. We hope to be graced by such projects in the future and do our very best to give our clients what they have dreamed all along.




What We Do

Architectural Design Consultancy

Interior Design


3D & Rendering


Import Furniture Material & Fixture Design




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Why Do You Need An Architect ?

1.  YOUR HOME IS A HUGE INVESTMENT (make sure an architect designs it).

Your home will usually cost several hundred thousand dollars, perhaps more, depending on the features, size, location, & materials you want.  Would you buy your family’s vehicle from some unlicensed, unsupervised shade-tree mechanics who say they “put together cars” but are not Ford, GM, Chrysler, LandRover, Hyundai, VW, Subaru, Toyota, Porsche, or one of the other major vehicle manufacturers?  And if those people proposing to build your vehicle had no degrees, education or experience?  And your vehicles probably cost a lost less than your home!